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Had an experience you'd like to share? By completing a review, you'll be helping to inform a network that supports people with hearing loss and help them find accessible services.

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Welcome to Let's Hear - an online service that aims to empower it's users to map the provision of Hearing Loops in public spaces by rating and reviewing the places that they visit.

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Are there places where you feel comfortable going to because they are accessible and you can hear well?



Do you struggle to hear conversations and feel isolated or frustrated going about your daily business?



We want your feedback. By completing a review on Let's Hear, you'll be helping people with hearing loss around the world to find accessible venues, services and places.

Not only that, you'll also be helping local businesses and public services to become more accessible to those with hearing loss. Everybody wins!


Brought to you by IHLMA

Let's Hear is developed and maintained by the International Hearing loop Manufacturers Association. We seek to spread information and awareness about the emerging assistive listening technologies that are changing the lives of those with hearing loss.

IHLMA is an association of the major manufacturers of audio induction loop equipment, aiming to support good quality loop installations around the world. We also provide support and guidance to organisations and individuals interested in Hearing Loop systems.


Hearing Loops (also known as induction loops) are systems for helping people hear, transmitting audio by magnetic field from an installed loop to a users hearing aid or receiver.

Sound is transmitted from a sound source, for example a person speaking, through a microphone or music from a sound system to an induction loop driver.

The driver converts the source to a magnetic field via a wire loop, which is picked up wirelessly by the T-coil in a hearing aid or cochlear implant. This is converted back into an audio signal within the hearing aid.

For more information on how loops and T-coils work together, visit us at IHLMA.

People with hearing loss of all levels, frequently exhibit a disproportionate amount of difficulty understanding speech in the presence of noise.

This is especially the case in situations where desired speech signals are weakened by distance, and contaminated by noise and reverberation, before arriving at the listeners’ ears or hearing aids.

This is where assistive technologies, such as hearing loops, can be of help.

Leaving a review on Let's Hear is a piece of cake.

Simply click "add a review" and enter the name of the venue or postcode of the location you want to review. From there, you can let people know if any hearing loops are installed on site, give a rating from 1-5, and add any extra comments you may have.

No problem! Just begin typing in the name of the place or it's general location and Let's Hear will provide some suggestions for the place that you're looking for.

Anyone can use Let's Hear to browse and view reviews without needing an account. We do ask that anyone who wishes to leave a review creates an account first.

It only takes a moment, and we don't require or use any of your personal details.

Yes, anyone can write or edit a review. We seek to keep Let's Hear accessible to anyone and everyone.

We welcome all comments and suggestions. To do so, simply get in touch by contacting us.